Frequented Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page. If there is a question you have that has not been asked here,
feel free to give us a call at 970-226-4692 to have it answered.

Question: Do you guys take walk-ins?
Yes we do BUT we are currently understaffed so it is harder especially towards the weekends and around the holidays. On some occasions we have appointments who no-show and and walk-in is accepted when it is perfect timing! When you make an appointment with us it is a guarantee for your spot.

Question: Do you guys prefer appointments or can we still walk-in?
Answer: Since we are understaffed, it really depends such as the day of the week and the holiday or special occasions going on around such as graduation and the season that we would prefer appointments because appointments are the priorities. Again, sometimes we will have a client with an appointment and they don't show up and you happen to walk-in at a perfect timing, we will take you before our next scheduled client! 

Question: Do you guys provide services for men?
Answer: We are a unisex salon pricing is not based on gender. Color is optional. Whether or not you choose to get polished there’s no charge that’s extra or less.

Question: Do you provide SNS or dip nail services
Answer: No we do not because we don’t want to risk our clients with cross-contamination.

Question: Is it cheaper to bring in our own nail polish?
Answer: There is no reduced price for whether or not you bring in your own nail polish. However, we do have to warn that if you are using an unknown brand of polish we are not familiar with, we can’t guarantee the length of wear and chipping.

Question: Can we bring in our own gel polish color?
Answer: We prefer to use our gel polish brands that we provide because the formula of the gel polish is sensitive. Therefore, if you bring your own we cannot guarantee the 2 week wear if the formula of your gel polish was in anyway tweaked or messed with due to improper care of storage.

Question: Do you guys do gel nails?
Answer: When you were asking for gel nails which are you referring to hard gel or soft gel?
We only provide soft gel services we do not provide hard gel services.

Question: Will constant use of gel polish destroy my nails over time?
Answer: The gel polish should not destroy your nails. It depends on the wearer or the nail technician handling your nails. Here at Peachy Nail Spot, our staff put in the best effort to handle your nails delicately and to retain the natural nail bed in the best condition as possible.

Question: How do you take off the gel polish?
Answer: First we buff off the top coat in order for the acetone to be able to penetrate through quicker. Next we soak a cotton ball in acetone and press it down with a clamp for support. We do not use tin foil to wrap nor do we soak your fingers in a bowl of acetone. This process takes about 10 minutes max. Please note this time estimate is based off the product we provide. If you are coming in from a different salon who applied your gel polish it could take longer based on the product they used.

Question: What is the difference between soft gel and hard gel?
Answer: Soft-gel service is the longer lasting polish that we guarantee to last for two weeks or so. Time-frame of wear also strongly depends on your lifestyle and whether or not you use them as “jewels or tools”. Some clients can only go 2 weeks before it starts chipping, others can go longer 3-4 weeks before it starts to chip. To make the manicure last longer we recommend wearing gloves if your in harsh chemicals for cleaning or dish washing, gardening or farming etc. treat them nicely and they will last longer for you.

Question: Which type of nail service do you prefer? Gel polish or acrylics?
Answer: Both are great options, it depends on the condition of the client's nail bed.

Question: How do you take off the acrylic?
Answer: In order to take off the acrylic, we take our time to soak them off and dremel (file) off doing the best we can to keep the integrity of the natural nail bed. We repeat the soak and filing process a couple times until it is off. We do not pry off the acrylic with any other tools or nail tips because this causes damaging to the nail bed creating weak nail beds. This method can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

Question: Do I need to get a full set every time?
Answer: After you get a full set you should not need to get another full set unless the condition of the acrylic looks really bad and is lifting everywhere. We have clients that have gone for years without needing a full set but just a back fill every visit. 

Question: Can I get a fill on my gel polish manicure?
No we cannot, it needs to be removed entirely. This goes for the same if you have a chip on the corner and need it touched up, we soak off that whole nail to reapply the polish instead of simply patching it up.

Question: Do you have any technicians that are able to come to our facility to do manicures and pedicures?
We do not provide services outside of Peachy Nail Spot for any reason. Please make an appointment here with us at this location.

Question: Are you guys able to open one day on Sunday for us to have a bridal/birthday/etc party?
We apologize for the inconvenience but we are open the other 6 days of the week. Weekdays from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Please book within these days' business times, we are closed Sundays because it is reserved for family time.