Peachy Discount Card (PDC)

Purchase our Peachy Discount Card (PDC) for $25 and enjoy these perks for a whole year:

  • Clients receive 10% discount

  • College Students receive 15% discounts


The Peachy Discount Card is currently unavailable for purchase.

**Sold at location only on a first come first serve basis**


Terms of Use

For All Clienteles

Upon initial purchase, a 20% discount is honored on service(s) that same day or can be saved for a later visit. 

Please provide your PDC at time of payment at all times.

For College Students

Upon initial purchase, a 20% discount is honored on service(s) that same day or can be saved for a later visit. 

All clienteles receive 10% discount. However, students must provide their college student ID at time of payment to receive the full 15% discount for service(s), otherwise it’s 10%.

If you do not have a college student ID because you take online classes, provide us a proof that you are taking online classes and we will verify it on the PDC for you.

More Details

By purchasing the PDC, you agree that you are accountable for presenting the membership card at time of payment to fully guarantee your membership benefits.

Card expires one (1) year after purchase date. May be renewed (with a new PC#) after expiration date as long as it is within the selling date. Sold on first-come first-serve basis. No guarantee of purchase if you missed the sale, no wait list. A one-time 20% discount will apply again upon purchase of new card, this special does not rollover to next year if missed.

We have a no refund policy on lost or stolen PDC. Another purchase for $25 will be applied but the 20% discount does not apply. Proper discount will be applied to your services that same day. If someone has returned your lost card. We will honor that replacement card of $25 in services to you.

Damaged Cards
If the PDC card is ripped or damaged, we will replace your damaged present card with a new card at no cost.

Email Use
We will not disclose your email address for third party use. This will help us notify you when your card will need to be renewed so you won’t miss the selling date. Recording your email in-store means you accept to OPT in to our PDC Program email subscription.